How to Hand Crimp & Install Cable Railings

  1. Hold the fitting over the end of the cable, hand crimp the barrel three times—each time rotating it 180-degrees using the crimping tool.
  2. Put the cable end in the end post securing it (terminal with nut and washer so it holds).
  3. Stretch the long run of the cable and pull tight with pliers or vice grips.
  4. Measure and cut the cable, (if using terminals allow for threads past the end post).
  5. Run the bare cable through all the interior posts and before the end post repeat the crimping procedure.
  6. After all the cables are installed start tightening the middle cable, and then one cable up and one cable down tightening them until the cable cannot be moved with three fingers of 'press-down' pressure.
  7. If using end-caps, leave about one-quarter inch of thread and install end-caps using Loctite.

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